TOBAY Proclaims 'Wear White' Day for Smoking Awareness

May 31 is officially 'Wear White for Clean, Fresh Air Day."

Be sure to set out a clean, white shirt, pants, or dress to wear the Thursday after Memorial Day. officials declared May 31 "Wear White for Clean, Fresh Air Day" at their board meeting Tuesday.

"Tobacco companies spend $1 million every hour on advertising," said Carol Meschkow, president of the She pointed out that although smoking kills millions every year, the addiction rate is still alarmingly high.

Meschkow spearheaded the "Wear White" campaign. The date coincides with the World Health Organization's "World No-Tobacco Day."

"She's been a driving force behind getting a smoke free environment," said Oyster Bay Supervisor praising Meschkow's hard work. In the audience to the public, Larry Sklar stood and thanked Meschkow for her efforts in helping him to quit after 50 years of smoking five packs a day.

"The anxiety when you get a cold that won't go away, and you go to the doctor and they have to do chest x-rays," said Venditto speaking from personal experience. "You're shaving time off your life out of sheer worry."

Meschkow was presented with an official certificate proclaiming Wear White for Clean, Fresh Air Day.

Cynthia Lindner, MS May 01, 2012 at 08:42 PM
It is great to keep the public aware that stopping smoking is the best thing they can do to improve health and the benefits of not smoking can be measure in the first 20 minutes. After Just 20 Minutes of Being Smoke Free- Blood Pressure drops to a level closer to normal. Temperature of hands and feet increases to normal. 24 Hours of Being Smoke Free- Your chance of heart attack decreases. The list of health benefits goes on.
G.Cesario May 02, 2012 at 03:10 AM
I just wish certain people would read this and actually ACT upon this!!!
Mike Polansky May 03, 2012 at 10:23 AM
Nice job as usual, Carol, and its great tat Supervisor Venditto and the Town are behind this effort. I only wish a couple of people close to me would get motivated to quit! Mike


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