New Town Park Goes to the Dogs in Massapequa

Festivities at Sunday's grand opening include chance to meet Geese Peace dog and animal shelter residents.

The will officially open its first dog park Sunday in Massapequa.

Supervisor said Sunday's grand opening of the park will feature dogs for adoption from the town's dog shelter and the opportunity to meet a dog from the town's Geese Peace program.

The park is on Louden Avenue, bordered by Clocks Boulevard on the west, East Pine Street on the south and County Line Road on the east.

The Long Island Dog Owners Group, which has worked around Long Island for years to obtain more parkland access for dogs, said the new park is approximately 50,000 square feet and divided into a large dog area and a small dog area (25 pounds and under).

Each section will have shade structures, water stations, waste stations and benches. While the dog park is designed for Oyster Bay residents, all dog owners and their dogs are invited to celebrate the grand opening, LIDOG said.

 “This dog park is well situated and will be a wonderful place for dogs to socialize and exercise,” Venditto said. “It is also a place for dog owners to share time with others who are equally enthusiastic about their dogs.”

“I believe this outstanding facility meets or exceeds our expectations in all areas. We are very pleased with the results and hope our residents will also be enthused with the finished product.”  

Among the amenities at the park are doggie drinking fountains to keep dogs hydrated. “Dogs can’t cool themselves as efficiently as humans and therefore must have access to drinking water and shade,” said Peggy Hickey-Heijmen, a board member of  LI-DOG.

“Dogs play very strenuously in dog parks and water is an absolute necessity. The Town of Oyster Bay has been very pro-active in its approach to this park. We are looking forward to working with the Town to help make sure the dog park is a success for everyone involved. We hope this is a first step to creating additional parks, as well as on-leash access in existing TOB parks," she said.

Decorative benches have also been installed at the park to provide a rest for pet owners.

In addition, a set of dog park rules will clearly displayed and enforced at the dog park to ensure safe and healthy interaction among the dogs at the park.

The guidelines are designed to prevent the bullying of less aggressive dogs.

Hours of operation will be from dawn to dusk.  

Venditto said the facility enhances the quality of life for Town of Oyster Bay residents who love spending outdoor time with their dogs.

“I hope you will join us for the grand opening of this state-of-the art dog park in Massapequa,” he said. “It’s a great addition to our community…one which is sure to be welcomed by a large number of the town’s dog enthusiasts. I hope to see many wagging tails on June 3rd.”

Festivities are scheduled to begin at 10:30 a.m. Sunday. The entrance is on Clocks Boulevard.

Hickey-Heijmen offered these dog park tips:

  1.  Know your dog!  Not all dogs are good candidates for off-leash dog parks.  If your dog has never had regular interaction with other dogs, make your initial visit is at a time that is not as busy.
  2. Young children should not be in the park without adult supervision, and should never approach a dog they do not know.
  3. While small dogs are allowed in the large dog area, handlers need to be vigilant to prevent injury from rough play.  No large dogs are allowed in the small dog area.
  4. Be sure that the outside gate is securely closed before entering /exiting the park by the inside gate.  Never open a gate if a dog is loose between the entry gates, wait until the entryway is clear.
  5. Be aware of your environment.  Make sure to keep your dog within your sight and are able to recall him if necessary. 
  6. Do not feed your dog at the dog park.
  7. Always remember to pick up after your dog. 

For additional tips on dog park etiquette, please visit LI-DOG website at www.lidog.org.

Phil Healey May 31, 2012 at 10:26 PM
Excellent work TOB!
js June 06, 2012 at 02:44 AM
another waste of tax $$$ your buildings are falling apart,but you spend $$$ on dog parks ...


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