VIDEO: Mayor Murray's State of the Village Address

The mayor spoke on a new firehouse bond referendum and a possible parking structure deal with the LIRR.

Rockville Centre Mayor Fran Murray made his State of the Village Address at Monday's village board meeting and detailed some of the board's accomplishments over the last six months, as well as upcoming projects on the horizon.

Murray discussed a possible deal with the Long Island Rail Road to build a parking structure in the village near the train station, as well as recently secured bond money to refurbish village streets. The mayor also spoke about a developing a new, scaled-down bond referendum to renovate village firehouses and new joint initiatives with the village school district.

Watch our video for highlights from his speech.

Merrick7 February 15, 2012 at 02:53 PM
well no matter what if this is the MTA building it and not RVC then of course this is a structure open to the public, not just village residents. The idea of course from Murray's standpoint is probably with the structure more tourism from residents. Example, if i park in RVC and take the train in when I come back to RVC at the end of the day I will want to see a show, grab a drink, grab dinner in the village instead of Merrick. However, I see your point and agree you should build this with eliminating as few spots as possible.
Merrick7 February 15, 2012 at 02:53 PM
can you explain why?
Frank February 15, 2012 at 03:35 PM
@ Merrick 7. Fear of Urban sprawl and the "Queens Effect". But the gentrification of certain areas of RVC can be tastefully done. A parking structure can be intergrated seamlessly into the fabric of our town. Bottom line: A parking structure would generate more traffic to RVC and our businesses would see more commerce as a result. Win for the Chamber of Commerce.
Ellen February 15, 2012 at 06:03 PM
I am in the downtown area of this village everyday. I have never had a problem finding shopping parking during the day at all and I have been here for many years. Occasionally, I can't get a spot directly near the store that I am going to and I have to - gasp! - walk a bit. The parking lot near Sunrise by Morris Avenue gets very busy on Friday evening for a couple of hours -the gyms, take outs, restaurants and bars. By the time the gym is closed and the take out frenzy is over there are plenty of spots for those going to a bar or restaurant. We are already accomodating bars and restaurants and the movie by having free parking after 6 when the shops are closed. People come from other towns for those businesses. If you want to shop here during the day when the stores are open you will find a parking spot. And yes, there is a concern about how we are getting closer to Queens and Long Beach with houses jammed onto small lots, loads of illegal two and three family homes and bars crowded into a congested area. We certainly don't need a parking structure to accomodate more of the same. If people don't shop here during the day for clothing, accessories and gifts it's not due to lack of parking. They may find things too expensive or not to their taste. I asked the owner of the men's store that closed recently what happened. He said - the guys here wear khakis and my clothes are European so there isn't a market here for me.
Mickey February 18, 2012 at 08:55 PM
Well Ellen, those of us who work during the day don't have the luxury of doing our shopping during the day when according to you there is ample parking. I would love to at least listen to a proposal for additional parking. I would of course want all the details of cost,appearance,etc but I certainly am not ready to dismiss the idea yet.


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