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Which Town Laws Are Most Ignored? [POLL]

The Town of Oyster Bay has all sorts of ordinances. Which ones are violated most, and which make you angriest?

The has ordinances governing , dogs and , to name a few.

Garbage pails can only be curbside between specific hours. Leafblowers and lawnmowers have curfews. Dogs must be on leashes and can't leave anything behind, if you get my meaning.

And all those rental apartments in people's basements: virtually all are illegal, according to the town.

Have you ever complained? Did you feel like a rat?

Which of these town-ordinance violations anger you most? Remember, the town only enforces its ordinances when someone complains.

Take our poll and leave some comments. We'll take them to town officials for their reaction.

Steve April 23, 2012 at 12:17 AM
Apparently you can't or won't comprehend what I have been trying to convey. Once again, It's YOUR dog. If you want it, then let it crap and pee on YOUR lawn. Seems pretty simple to me. You say you're "nearly positive" they'd understand.So I guess if I'm one of your neighbors we'd be running into a problem because you seem to feel that it's OK to have your pet foul other people's property. I just wonder what your reaction would be if you opened your front door to find me taking a dump on you front step.
Carol mccarthy July 25, 2012 at 03:17 AM
There is a house on the block that is a rental and the house is in such poor an d unsanitary condition that rats are starting to come around. Is there anyway that someone from the TOB come see the house and check if the condition of the house is in any condition that someone should even be living in it? No one on the block seems to even know the person who owns the house and is now renting it to a family who has children who are dirty all the time and has animals loose all the time. The cats in there house are just multiplying and roaming every surrounding neighbors property. What can be done about this?
Concerned Long Islander July 25, 2012 at 06:53 PM
Carol, there is to be many depts that should get involved with the house you're discussing...code enforcement, animal protection, Nassau County Board of Health. Come on, for the sake of all taxpayers and especially the families on your block, get on the phone, go online and email the Town, print out a complaint form and mail it... don't be intimidated by signing a complaint form. Nothing will happen to you, And, when email the Town on their wesite, make sure you mention Venditto's name. I believe he really does care for the citizenry...you just need to ensure that the email is forwarded to him. Keep it up and don't let it slide. This is a VERY important problem and it can be solved---especially with the Board of Health. Remember what they say about the squeaky wheel~~!!
Bonnie Smith September 08, 2012 at 03:21 PM
I agree with you 100 per cent. A house near me has been littered with illegal apts and goodness knows how many people live in that same house. Over 14 years I have called the TOB and NOTHING has been done to stop this or fine the owner...who by the way lives in another town. This particular house has been a problem for years. Extra noise, parties, trash, cars, trucks, on the road etc. It is a nightmare. They have even hit our cars that were in the road. And the loss of tax revenue to the town has got to be huge. This is a scourge to our towns and neighborhoods that must be stopped. The town codes MUST be enforced. Or we can kiss our suburban neighborhoods goodbye, as well as our bank accounts as our taxes go up up upi to pay for all the problems and expenses of multi illegal apts in a so called one family dewlling. Give me a break. This should be the number one issue on the docket of politicians today. It's the economy stupid. The lost revenue from illegal apts is sucking our counties and towns dry.
Mark December 31, 2012 at 03:49 AM
Dam nosy neighbors need mind there own business. People gawking and peering through there windows. Sending faxes to village rating you out on things on your property like van or an unregistered vechicle in the yard. They pay more attention to you then there own kids? You know who you are. Little vandalsim puts you in check doesnt it. Need to get a life or move.


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