43 Students Commended in National Merit Program

Syosset district reports the highest amount of commended students to date.

Syosset High School reported that 43 students were named "Commended Students" in the 2013 National Merit Scholarship Program. This is the largest number of students commended in the school's history.

The 43 students, who took the PSAT/NMSQT exam in Oct. 2011, were part of the top 50,000 scorers on the exam. 18 Syosset seniors achieved high enough scores to move on to the semifinalist stage.

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The district congratulated the following students:

Ryan T. Baymack
Ryan S. Buckvar
Lauren R. Casale
Jasmyn A. Chacko
Abhinaba Chatterjee
Austin Chin
Meghan E. Chin
Rachel L. Chu
David Collet
Tanya Datta
Sarah I. Deitch
Sarah D. DeLuca
Eric R. Feldman
Morgan J. Fogel
Michelle Greenberg
Kimberly S. Hart
Garrett Heller
Adam Hirsch
Joshua Hyman
Steven Jaroslawski
Daniel Jeon
Esther D. Kim
Nicholas Kim
Simon Ko
Aleksandr Krichmar
Lisa M. Minkoff
Paul K. Ngu
Roshun M. Patel
Jonathan Pun
Hunter A. Rosenblume
Manna Samuel
Kenneth Sang
Zachary R. Senzer
Karishma M. Shah
Jessica Sikka
Sidhant Wadhera
Meher Walia
Judy D. Wang
Harrison L. Weissman
Sarah E. White
Jeremy A. Wolfe
Melanie L. Yanar
Seungwan Yoon


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