Colts Baseball Knocks Out Syosset, Advances to Semi-Finals

Calhoun came out of the gate swinging, took first-inning lead.

In a do-or-die playoff game for the Syosset Braves, Calhoun came off the bench swinging the bat from the very beginning and clinching an early lead.

After a first-inning rally that left them up 3-0, Calhoun wasn't able to pick up another rally and some stand-out plays by Syosset stopped them in their tracks.

Syosset's Joe Morris, playing right field, made two, sliding back-to back catches and first baseman Matthew Taurisani did a full split to

According to Joe Corea, Calhoun coach, the weather played a huge part in the way the team played and he said that with all the rain, the team lost a bit of energy, "We came in a little laxidasical to this game. We have been waiting to get on the field, but with all the rain, we lost a little bit of momentum," he said.

Even though the team wasn't in tip-top shape for the game, heads-up base running and a key catch by centerfielder Thomas Viverito kept the team rolling.

Pat Fitzgerald, Syosset coach, explained that although his team lost, he was proud of the team for sticking it out against such a heavy favorite.

"We had chances, we just couldn't get a run across," he said. "We are sad that [the season is] over, but Calhoun pitched well and played well. I'm proud of my team," he said.

Tommy Morris, losing pitcher, echoed his sentiments. "Given that we haven't advanced in the playoffs in years, I'm happy we made it this year and we did a good job this year. I'm happy with the program and the way that it's going," he said.

Heros: Calhoun's hero was pitcher Joe Christopher, who allowed no runs for a shutout game. Christopher also had seven strikeouts in six innings. "We are extremely proud of the way Joe Christopher performed," said Corea.

Syosset had two heros, according to Fitzgerald. On the field, the hero was senior pitcher Tommy Morris, but behind the scenes, Fitzgerald named assistant coach Tom Morrit as a hero.

"Morris has been our work horse. This kid is an all-county pitcher and stepped in to be our number one starter. This kid did everything for us. I also want to thank our assistant coach, Tom Morrit. He did a great job being the go-between with me and the players," Fitzgerald said.

Bottom line: Although Syosset put their heart into the game, they weren't able to get their bats going against Calhoun, sealing the win for the Colts.

Calhoun will play the first semi-final game at home at 4:30 p.m. on Monday.

Team       1  2   3  4  5  6  7  F

Calhoun  3  0  0  0  1  0  0  4

Syosset    0  0  0  0  0  0  0 0


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