Hankin: Salary Freeze Still in Effect

Super's 18K raise for 2010-11 school year misleading, residents said at Monday's Syosset Board of Education meeting.

Syosset Superintendent Carole Hankin and her salary were once again in the spotlight at Monday night's Board of Education meeting.

Hankin received a pay increase of $18,376 at the start of the 2010-11 school year to bump her base salary to $405,244, a fact not widely known until the figure was released by the State Department of Education in May. The news,, came just days before the district budget vote.

Residents at the latest Board of Education meeting said Hankin and the administration had been misleading, quoting a base salary of $386,868 instead of the actual figure for this year.

"I don't think the board has handled this matter well at all," said Syosset resident , who has two children who graduated from the District. "It is very unclear what [Hankin's] salary is this year."

Hankin, who agreed to a salary freeze for the upcoming school year, publicly defended her pay package along with her role in the district.

"When I walk any where or go any where, I'm being evaluated," Hankin said. "The PTA over there, they are tough. The kids are tough."

Gov. Andrew Cuomo singled out Hankin's salary as excessive as part of a push for tax cap reform earlier this year. But even his numbers were wrong.

When administrators and teachers on Jan. 24, residents said they assumed Hankin's salary would be $386,868 for next year, not the amount shown in the state document. Hankin's raise was approved by the school board last June.

Ennis said the district needs to do a better job getting this information out to the public, as well as making other information available online.

"I would hope you might find it useful to issue a report of the total compensation of Dr. Hankin, including cash payments in lieu of vacation and sick days," Ennis said. "I would hope it will be posted on the district website."

Hankin argued that her salary information has been available to the public for quite some time, and wanted to make it clear that "there will be no raises next year."

"This was on the website, it was on the budget line - there is a superintendent's office line," Hankin said as she held up the district report card.

When Hankin had been asked about her salary by reporters at previous board meetings, such as the one on  she stated her previous year's salary of $386,868.

"This Board of Education has always determined the Superintendent's salary in June or July," Hankin said Monday. "Sometimes later when it goes up on the NYS website it is different."

Howie June 07, 2011 at 09:23 PM
This woman is so full of #$%^ that it is astounding. As per the article in Newsday she stated that her raise was implemented last June so they didn't have time to post it on the district site in time for the public to see it before the vote IN MAY.............11 MONTHS LATER!!!! How much longer are you zombies going to let her play you for the fools that you have been for so long? Do you even realize how badly that she is insulting all of us with ridiculously absurd explanations like this? Yet we still have the Susan Parkers and her ilk of the world that will march right off the cliff to the beat of any music that this criminal is playing for her. It is truly astonishing. Open your eyes people. You all must have some level of competency to be living here. why can't you see past this demon? I just don't get it. we all want the best for our children. But to what end and at what cost? What will finally be the breaking point when you FINALLY see what she is doing to us all? When will you FINALLY feel the insulting behavior like so many of us already do? Hopefully, maybe this is that time. This instance is a pretty blatant slap in all of our faces, questioning all of our intelligence, to have us believe that 11 months is not enough times to post credible information on OUR districts website until AFTER the vote was tallied and AFTER it was TOO LATE to do anything about it. INSULTING!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! OPEN YOUR EYES!!! GET RID OF THIS SCOURGE!!!! RECLAIM SOME OF YOUR DIGNITY!!!
Joe June 08, 2011 at 02:58 AM
I was just watching Fox 5 news at 10:00pm and yours truly...Hankin and her disgusting salary was the story. . What a disgrace. I hope the people of this town are happy.
Grifhunter June 08, 2011 at 04:24 AM
Dear Syosset Taxpayers and Families: thanks for the raise........SUCKERS!! ....Bwahahahahahahah!!!!......Love Carole.
Christopher DiFilippo June 08, 2011 at 11:44 AM
Greetings. UPDATE: I was not able to attend this school board meeting due to other commitments. In a public forum at Syosset board Meeting of May 9,2011, I presented questions numbers, 1,3,4,5 and 8, as I was only allowed 5 minutes to talk. The suptd. responded partially to question number 8, in that the teachers contribute 17% but not to the retirement question. The suptd responded to my other question of which ….was the teachers and administrators increases lost forever and Hannkin responded they were lost, however as previously reported from the NYS BOE website shows that Hankin received a increase, and reported again by Newsday. It was the expectation that my questions would be reviewed and responded to…..Well it was responded to by Legal Counsel representing Syosset Schools…flat out said that your letter is not a public record, apparently not be recorded and the school does not and will not respond to your questions. Community the above are facts you are all well educated, please face the facts.
anonymous June 08, 2011 at 12:35 PM
As wife of anonymous, I am enraged. This was deceitful, sneaky, and so artfully and skillfully done. Kudos to the lady who has her nails done during working hours as the rest of us work to pay for her raise. I am a mere doc and have no law degree. Any lawyers out there interested in starting a class action suit? Is it a reasonable concept? I can certainly volunteer my time and anything else. No nail polish
Howie June 08, 2011 at 12:40 PM
That's a little differernt from the "Hankin" that all of her zombies keep portraying as accessible and always willing to answer any question isn't it? What happened to the great"CHALLENGE" to answer any question? I guess that was just about as credible as she is. WAKE UP ZOMBIES!!!
Joe June 08, 2011 at 12:55 PM
Where are all the affluent people of Syosset this morning? Did any of you important people watch the news on ch. 5 last night? Or were you too busy having dinner at one of the local restaurants since you are too good to make your own home cooked meal? Can't believe there is no outrage over the not so nice things they said about Carole Hankin and her salary or is it that these self proclaimed affluent people of Syosset are too embarrassed by the report last night? Amazing...completely amazing that with all that education people are still that stupid to get fooled by that old dog Carole Hankin and her PTA bull dogs. I bet Carole is laughing morning while she reads the paper in her limo.
Howie June 08, 2011 at 04:01 PM
Watch it Joe. Mitch will sue you
Kate June 08, 2011 at 05:35 PM
I'm sorry but this is all a bunch of hooey. I am a product of the Syosset School system graduating in 1968 long before Ms Hankin arrived on the scene. I am tired of hearing how she has elevated the reputation of the Syosset Schools. The Syosset School System was excellent when I was going through it and I don't remember any of our past Superintendents getting Super Star salaries like hers. I no longer have children in the school system and find the exhorbitant salary and let's not forget the perks!! OBSCENE. No one is worth that kind of money, especially now that we are all struggling just to stay on Long Island. What is worse is the blind fools that follow her on the Board, they just rubber stamp everything she wants and says. We need to really get some of the 'common people' who are paying her salary to be board members. Perhaps then some balance and reality will be interjected. Bottomline--we are all being held up by this woman and her attitude of 'entitlement.' DISGUSTED
Howie June 08, 2011 at 10:33 PM
Hey Patch, why is this site being censored? I thought people were going to be allowed to voice their opinions. Comments are being deleted that are purely stating opinions of events that have taken place. This censorship is wrong and the comments should be reinserted.
Steven Nicastro (Editor) June 09, 2011 at 01:12 AM
Please refrain from using vulgar language and making accusations against anyone. The comments will be deleted. Thank you
Jason Molinet June 09, 2011 at 01:13 AM
Howie, it's simple. Accusing someone of fraud = libel. We welcome debate so long as it's informed and civil.
anonymous June 09, 2011 at 01:14 AM
While I agree re:vulgarity, there is surely no reason that people can't voice their opinions re: what they view as innefectual behavior by the school board. They walk hand in hand with the superintendant
Howie June 09, 2011 at 01:38 AM
Jason/Steve If you go back and read my comment you will see that there was NO vulgarity and NO accusations. There were only my opinions of the horrible manner in which Herman has conducted himself in the matters of Hankins raise. It also proposed situational causes and effects but NO accusations. This comment should not have been deleted and should be re-entered.
Joe June 09, 2011 at 12:30 PM
Schools Superintendent in Upscale New York District Rakes in Over $500,000 a Year Published June 08, 2011 | FoxNews.com Print Email Share Comments Text Size A schools superintendent on New York's Long Island is under fire for her annual pay: over half a million dollars. The base salary of Carole Hankin, who's in her 21st year as superintendent of the Syosset School District, is just over $400,000 a year, but with benefits factored in, her final haul is $542,000, MyFoxNY.com reports. The Syosset district also pays 37 other employees over $100,000 a year each, LongIslandSchools.com reports. The district defended Hankin’s salary, indicating that she serves around 7,000 students in 10 schools, and they spent over $18,000 per pupil in 2009. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had a less favorable view, saying Hankin’s pay rate was an example of wasteful school spending. Click here to read more on this story from MyFoxNY.com. The Associated Press contributed to this report. Print Email Share Comments Text Size View ArticleLeave a CommentSort: NewestSort: OldestYou must login to comment. View Article View All Comments Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/06/08/new-york-superintendent-rakes-in-over-500000-annually/#ixzz1OmUmru36
anonymous June 09, 2011 at 12:45 PM
Take a look at Walt Handlesman's editorial cartoon in Newsday toda. (He has kids in the district) where he compares Hankin's salary to a lottery win
Howie June 09, 2011 at 01:05 PM
Sharon D Smith June 09, 2011 at 06:14 PM
The superintendent's SCSD salary has been excessive since Day 1. It may have been her previous employer, Locust Valley, that set the precedent for this high salary and car allowance. If so, they must have been glad to see this mistake resolve itself when Hankin left. Locust Valley reports their 2011-12 superintendent's salary at $250,000, with benefits of $56,315 and "other" of $15,800, for a total of $322,115. The justification that a CEO of a $200 million operation would be making this salary just doesn't wash. A business can't force its customers to buy its products or services. We taxpayers have no choice. Where do you hear of people going into education for the money? A superintendent is a public servant. No public servant is paid what they might make in the private sector. Proponents of the CEO justification: do you also advocate that the higher our taxes go, the more our superintendent should be paid? Do you realize what would become of our property taxes if each of our village, town, county and state public officials were paid what they could make in the private sector? A growing practice in corporate America since the 1990's is to keep base pay relatively flat and reward employees via a yearly bonus for their achievements during the year. This structure motivates like no other. Most importantly, if those with the purse strings were rewarded for reducing costs while preserving quality Syosset school taxes would be more reasonable.
Joe June 09, 2011 at 06:32 PM
Sharon,, I agree with you but here is the problem in Syosset. 1) Maney people in Syosset make $500k or more, so Hankin's salary doesn not phase them.. 2) The PTA has scared the hell out of all young parents mainly the women of this town with their gangster like threats. 3)The politicians who represent the people of this town Jacobs, Marcellino and others have failed the people year in and year out. Why haven't you heard their outrage over this?? I have a feeling that $$$$$$$ is the reason. We all know that they did not hire Hankin or elect the board members but this is their town and they represent us. Where the hell are they?
anonymous June 09, 2011 at 09:34 PM
If Hankin was saving us money god bless her salary. The problem is the symbiotic relationship between her, the school board and the other employees. She maintains her support but advocating for her employees; not her employers (the taxpayers) They in turn support whatever she does. The schoolboard is hoping for employment down the line. The parents buy it because they want to believe that all the kids are gifted. It is laughable, that we are one of the few districts that don't rank our students - the explanation being that the district is so special that it would be to their detriment. I have kids with varying academic abilities; the bottom line is 50 is 50; 130 is 130 and 283 is 283. Give me a break.
Fenwick June 29, 2011 at 05:12 AM
Carole Hankin, Syosset School District is paid way to much. The Syosset High School Scores have been going down for the past 9 years, and somehow Carole Hankin has been getting raises over the past 9 years. Do you realize that her total compensation is now over a half a million dollars of taxpayer money. How can this be stopped?
anonymous July 04, 2011 at 03:39 PM
Boy; I posted a simple link ( a few days ago) to an article (which I no longer have) that discussed a district in Wisconsin going from dept to black ink with fiscal responsibility and it is gone. A welcome bit of censorship on July 4
Vilma August 03, 2011 at 02:07 AM
Is Hankin salary still frozen at $509,000 per year? It is way too much salary to a School Super. The building complex that I used to live in paid way less to their Super and he cleaned way more building than Syosset has Hankin cleaning?
waltrip September 19, 2011 at 11:42 PM
While Nassau County deals with layoffs and teachers on Long Island losing jobs in the thousands,and local Syosset teachers being asked to increase their health insurance contributions, Carole G hankin Syosset School Superindendent negotiated a new contract increasing her total compensation beyond 500k annually and Syosset taxpayers are now going to be footing the bill for Hankin's LIFETIME HEALTH INSURANCE benefits. What a disgrace.....
MYview February 24, 2012 at 08:51 PM
As Newdsday writes about the corrupt Syosset School Board and overpaid Hankin and Streitman on feb 22, 2012, we learn once again that Hankin's salary has indeed increased since the time she claimed a salary freeze on herown salary. From the evidence, her salary went up immediately after the Town voted in favor of the budget. She has once again proven to be a liar.
Steve February 24, 2012 at 11:04 PM
Seems like more of the same behavior. But I doubt if it will make a difference to those that have been so foolish and blind to her tactics in the past. It is really sad that we are being so taken advantage of yet being hindered by a majority that insists on doing nothing about it.
sue February 25, 2012 at 01:44 AM
hankin and her cronies will get her way unless there is an uprising in the district
Marco Polettio May 15, 2012 at 01:17 AM
Dr. Hankin stated in a public board meeting before last years election that she was foregoing a salary increase yet right after the election the bboard voted for and she accepted a brand new 6 year contracy with a among additional perks a salary increase. She misled the public and the School board was complicit in the deception. I think we should vote out this current Syosset School Board and vote in new people
Frisch May 15, 2012 at 03:10 PM
The Board lied last year and gave Hankin another raise right after the election. Two incumbent BOE members participated in this deception are running for the board again. Why shoould we trust them anymore?


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