No. 78: Attend Courses at Star Career Academy

Whether you are cooking up kidney beans or training in dialysis, it's your choice: Culinary Arts or the Allied Health Division.

In our weekly countdown we are going for training at the Star Career Academy located off of Jericho Turnpike on Michael Drive. 

Do you have the "skillet" takes to be a professional cook? If so, check out the diverse programs offered at their main campus right here in Syosset.

As you enter the school you are hit with delectable aromas wafting from the several kitchens creating gourmet fare and baked goods. As you get closer to these fully operational professional kitchens, you can observe the hustle and bustle of line cooks creating perhaps a brunch or sit-down feast, while on the other side students are converting a room into a "restaurant." Throughout the week, each student rotates their duties and roles for the various meal service planned.

Simultaneously, a former executive chef is grading cuisine created by another student in a nearby area. This is not half-baked training.

Some of the programs of study offered are Hotel and Restaurant Management, Professional Cooking, Commercial Cooking, and Professional Pastry and Baking. 

The objective of this academy is to train students for entry-level employment as well as provide hands-on practice of the skills required by employers. They offer "externships" that give graduates on-the-job experiences.

Although you get a certificate at the completion of classes, they also aide you in getting the proper certifications according to your specialty. 

Around the corner is the Allied Health Division which is equally as popular as their culinary division. It is here that you can learn the skill set to become a medical assistant or a surgical, dialysis, or cardiology technician. Insurance and health information technology courses are also offered.

They are a fully accredited and licensed academy. So, if you want to be the breadwinner and make a lot of dough, get off your buns and enroll at this school!


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