One Teacher, One Student, No Homework at Fusion Academy

Alternative private school opens up in Woodbury.

Credit: Syosset-Woodbury Chamber of Commerce.
Credit: Syosset-Woodbury Chamber of Commerce.
An alternative private school boasting one-to-one teacher-student ratios recently opened its first Long Island campus in Woodbury.

Fusion Academy is an accredited institution offering a highly individualized education for grades 6-12. Started in California in 2002, the school has campuses in New York City, New Jersey, and California.

Fusion markets itself as "the ultimate in personalized education" with a curriculum tailored to each student's emotional and academic needs, abilities, learning style, pace and schedule. Most notably, each student is taught by one teacher in a private classroom. 

To the joy of some parents, Fusion Academy students never take their school work home with them. Instead, they complete it under teacher supervision in the "Homework Cafe."

Tuition starts at $3,900 per semester, per course for "standard middle school" and $3,350 per semester, per course for "standard high school." Students can opt for an extended high school program at $3,900 per semester, per course, or an honors high school program at $3,840 per semester, per course.

The school campus is located at 260 Crossways Park Drive in Syosset. Learn more about Fusion here.

Would you enroll your child in Fusion? Tell us in the comment section below.
Family Is Key September 25, 2013 at 10:03 PM
Fusion allows our son to follow his passion for snowboarding without compromising his education. He loves it! We love it! Be creative and think outside the box is my motto. Thanks to the staff at Fusion Woodbury you're one amazing group
Alison September 26, 2013 at 07:20 AM
We enrolled our daughter, who is severely dyslexic following a horrendous first year in middle school. She had been ridden with anxiety and depression over not being able to function in a traditional school setting. A month at Fusion and we now have a child that is asking to read, is happy and sings around the house. She LOVEs her school and especially language arts, math and science...she looks forward to physical ed and the art program is unparalleled!! ALL of her teachers are her favorites and her learning is fueled by inspiration. So yes, I would whole heartedly enroll my child at Fusion Woodbury. We are blessed to have them on Long Island and I believe it is the wave of the future! A great way to learn more is a tour and consider signing your child up for enrichment classes to sample the Fusion approach to learning
Melanie Donus September 26, 2013 at 10:33 AM
Hi Alison....i am curious if you pursued reimbursement from the district? i have a couple of clients interested in placing their child there. mdonus@smorellilaw.com thx so much!
Diane Michael Bontempi September 26, 2013 at 09:54 PM
My son had a very difficult time in the traditional high school and they would do nothing to help him, even though he was diagnosed with a number of disorders that entitled him to classification and help. I stumbled upon Fusion's website, and found the perfect solution. The change in him is incredible. They have given him his confidence and self esteem back, and he is flourishing. He, and my husband and I, could not be happier with the staff and the environment. His plans for the future are now obtainable because of Fusion. Many thanks to the incredible people there who have made that possible!
Camille Passeggio Agueci September 27, 2013 at 01:16 PM
Fusion is what I have been dreaming of, but never thought existed. The turn around in my son has been amazing! I believe that every child wants to learn, but some need to approach that learning in their own way. Fusion allows for that and encourages it. Fusion allows a child to become more independent, stand up for themselves and take responsibility. I couldn't ask for more than a school that becomes family.


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