School Districts to Reopen Thursday

Two-hour delays for students in both districts.

Huntington and South Huntington districts will open Thursday morning but on a two-hour delay.

In South Huntington, road conditions made difficult by Hurricane Sandy last week will force changes in bus stop locations but the Huntington district plans no such revisions.

Schools have been closed since Oct. 29 when the arrival of Hurricane Sandy flooded Huntington neighborhoods, sent trees crashing onto power lines and made travel on many roads difficult, if not impossible. Wires on many streets continue to dangle from poles or are splayed across roads while trees are still slowing or complicating travel.

“The blocked streets have required us to move several bus stops to temporary locations. These alternate sites are located as close as possible to the original stops.  Please go to the nearest school bus stop if your street is blocked but not included on this list. We will be working through the day to provide the most efficient transportation possible under the conditions,” Dr. David Bennardo, South Huntington superintendent said.

Both districts had hoped to open Wednesday but the arrival of a winter storm pushed the move back a day. Still to be determined is how the districts will make up the lost eight days of class time.

 “I know this has been a difficult time and appreciate all of the support, flexibility, and compassion our South Huntington family has demonstrated,” Bennardo said. “Please stay strong and know that we are thinking about you."

Both districts have canceled after-school activities for Thursday.

South Huntington bus routes

Group 1:

For the following roads, go to the nearest, safest, existing bus stop on your run. These are short blocks and there should be a stop on the nearest corner.


Adelaide St

Albermarle Ave ‐ between E Rogues Path & Fairfield La

Ark Pl

Barkers La

Birchwood Dr ‐ between Bradbury Ave & Hare Pl

Bradbury Ave

Court Dr ‐ between Federal St & Liberty St

Delamere St ‐ between Brooklyn Ave & Park Ave

Doe St

E 11th St ‐ between 1st Ave & Depot Rd

Evergreen Ave ‐ north of Jericho Tpke

Fairview La

Fanwood Pl

Frostfield Pl

Goldfinch La

Hardwick Dr ‐ between Teed St & Pidgeon Hill Rd

Healy St

High Hold Dr

Jayne Ave

Lamarr Ave

Lancaster Dr

Lindsay St

Meadowlark La

Melville Rd ‐ south of Luyster St

Sheep Pasture Rd

Utah Pl ‐ between Lenox Rd & Wyoming Dr

Valley View Ct


Group 2:

For the following roads, go to the designated, temporary stops noted




6th Ave:

go to either W 11th St or West Hills Rd



8th Ave ‐ between W 11th St & Craven St:

go to either W 11th St or Craven St



Alpine Way

Go to either Alpine Way & Beverly Rd OR

Alpine Way & Everest Ct



Anondale Dr:

go to Pulaski Rd



Bennett Ave:

go to Lodge Ave & Aldrich St



Birch Dr:

go to E 17th St & Depot Rd



Bowden Dr:

use Iceland Dr & Bowden Dr



Coldport Dr:

go out to Coldport Dr & East Gate Dr



E 17th St ‐ between Prospect Dr & Front St:

go to E 17th St & Depot Rd



E 18th St / Meadowbrook Dr ‐ between Luther Pl & E 17th


use Luther Pl & E 18th St



E Rogues Path:

use E Rogues Path & Maplewood Rd



Edison Dr:

use Horton Dr & Melville Rd



Greenhills Rd

Go to Greenhills Rd & Melville Rd OR

Greenhills Rd & Pidgeon Hill Rd



Horton Dr:

use Horton Dr & New York Ave or Horton

Dr & Melville Rd



Leigh St:

use Leigh St & Park Ave or Leigh St &




Lodge Ave ‐ between Aldrich St & E Rogues Path and

Melia Way & Charmian:

use Lodge Ave & Aldrich St or Lodge Ave & Melia Way





Marlboro Dr:

go out to West Rogues Path



Montana Pl:

use Lodge Ave & Aldrich St



Mount Misery Rd ‐ south of Chichester:

can use Mount Misery Rd & Chichester Rd



Pleasant St:

use Berrywood Dr & Nevinwood Pl



Prospect Dr:

use Prospect Dr & Meadowbrook Dr



Reynolds St:

use either Engelke Ave or Melville Rd



Reservoir Rd and Ridge Dr:

use Reservoir Rd & West Hills Rd



Rushmore St:

go out to Rushmore St & Melville Rd



Sheppard La:

use stops on Chickory La



Talbot Pl:

use Nevada Pl & Oregon Dr



Wheeler Dr:

use Nevada Pl & Oregon Dr



Wyoming Dr ‐ from Bogue Pl to Oregon

use Nevada Pl & Oregon Dr

Big_E November 08, 2012 at 10:34 AM
Just got the call. SHUFSD is closed on Thursday
Pam Robinson November 08, 2012 at 01:44 PM
Thanks, Big E. We couldn't publish for awhile for lack of power. If you or others have more information as the day goes on, please share if you can. Thank you.


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