Syosset Council of PTAs: Budget Vote

A letter from the president asking to pass the budget.

Letter to the Editor:

On Tuesday, May 15th, the annual school budget season will come to an end with voting on the 2012-13 budget. It has been a difficult season. From the new tax caps to new unfunded mandates to new reductions in state aid, we have been faced with many challenges. However, our School Board, along with our Superintendent, have been able to produce a budget that preserves all programs and services for each and every student. With approximately 96% of the budget out of our control, this is not an easy challenge. Nevertheless, because of strategic planning from past budgets, we were able to use some of our Reserve Funds, and with the enormous generosity of our employees agreeing to a second 1/2 year wage freeze and an additional step freeze that will save the district over $3 million, we were presented with a budget that continues to serve all the children of Syosset.

It’s very easy to criticize programs and services that your child doesn’t use or need, to say that these are the things that don’t make sense and should be cut from the bottom line. But keep in mind that someone else is home saying the same things about the classes, clubs, sports and services that you moved to Syosset for. Syosset is a unique district. We certainly have our differences of opinion, but we have always come together to do what is best for every child. We hope that this year will be the same.

We are very fortunate to live in a community that places a high value on quality
education. Our district’s goal is to provide a positive and challenging educational
experience for each and every student. Your support of the Syosset School District budget will provided us with the resources we need to make that goal a reality for each student. We ask that when you cast your vote to be sure you are making an informed choice. All information regarding the budget is, and has been, on the district website.

Thank you for making this possible and for your ongoing support of the Syosset

Roberta Dochter
Syosset Council of PTAs

Howie May 15, 2012 at 11:00 PM
It was nice of Hankin to agree to a freeze AFTER she got another raise in her new contract......after she promised (lied) to freeze her salary in the first place before she gave herself a raise last year when the teachers were frozen. What a sport! How are we supposed to trust ANYTHING that we are told after antics such as these? How many times can you be lied you and still march in step behind these people? You obviously want the best for your kids as we all do, but at what cost? And why do we have to be so taken adantage of by the individuals who have made a career of raking the system? It way past time to clean house and start fresh and clean. I'm sure we'll all survive without Hankin and her ilk.We'll just have some money left in our pockets to show for it for a change.


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