Syosset High School Hosts Cabaret Night

SHS hosted its annual Cabaret Night on Tuesday.

Musicians of every style, genre and caliber came out on Tuesday to perform at ’s Cabaret Night.

The show, held each November to showcase the talent of SHS students, included performances by various choral groups, as well as by the talented acapella barbershop groups, and CP. Students also performed individually or in groups.

The opening number, a rendition of Bruno Mars’s “Marry You,” was given a twist to become “I Wanna Go to Cabaret With You,” in which the lyrics were changed to relate to Cabaret Night. The song was sung by Sam and Emily Howell, children of the music teachers, along with high school kids who were dancing along enthusiastically in the aisles of the auditorium.

“It's such a great experience to be able to perform in front of your friends and family in a show like Cabaret,” said Stephanie Blumenstock, one spirited performer.

The first act was comprised of many gifted musicians. The ninth grade chorus sang “Got to Get You into My Life,” a popular Beatles hit. Seniors Julie Gordonson and Hillary Landsman sang a jazzy duet of “OK, It’s Alright with Me,” a song originally by Eric Hutchinson. Another senior, Abby Mathes, put some soul into “Delayed Devotion,” and sibling duo Jared and Samantha Weiss performed their own “Twins Mash-up” of songs. The first half of the show closed with an inspirational performance of “This is the Moment” from senior Alex Lombardi.

After a brief intermission, the singers and instrumentalists were back for more. Act two of Cabaret Night was loaded with more musical fun. Sophomore Justin Bergson stunned the crowd with his impressive tap-dancing number. Stefanie Kahn filled the room with her incredible vocals to Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie.” Greg Morley, Yuval Cydulkin and Justin Cristando’s version of “Rolling in the Deep” was also popular with the crowd; the trio infused a rap into the number. The Chamber Singers performed an acapella rendition of “Here Comes the Sun”, and the show closed with a performance by Jordan Weiner of Green Day’s hit “Time of Your Life.”

Hosts Nick Carra, Jordan Weiner, Christine Rosenblatt, Alex Lombardi, Benji Hadar and Katherine Banos kept the audience laughing throughout the evening with jokes and entertaining skits between the performances.

“As a senior, this night will definitely be one of my favorites of my high school experience!” said Christine Rosenblatt.

A lot of preparation and hard work went to make the show successful. Students spent months practicing and rehearsing their music, but it all paid off in the end.

“I thought everyone was great!” said Amanda Nagler, a student who went to see the show and take photographs of the performances.

"It was a really fun night, and I’m glad I was there.”

Proceeds were donated to the . 


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