Syosset Mulls Sandy Make-Up Days

District awaits Albany decision that would decrease required days of instruction.

Syosset School District has joined many other districts on Long Island in requesting a decrease in the amount of state required instructional days for students.

In a letter on the district's website, Superintendent Carole Hankin said school districts are awaiting a possible waiver from Governor Andrew Cuomo's office that would decrease the required amount of school days.

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"Districts on Long Island are waiting to receive information from the Governor’s office about the possibility of a waiver that would reduce the number of required days of instruction," the superintendent wrote. "To that end, we have not finalized any revisions at this time. We will be updating all parents as soon as information is received."

Syosset district was closed a total of five days the week of Hurricane Sandy and the following Thursday as a result of the nor'easter the following week. Schools were open to faculty the Monday after the storm for Superintendent's Conference Day, but classes were not in session.

No approval has yet been given by Albany so the district is formulating possible calendar changes for the original amount of class days. If the waiver is approved, the district would not be required to add as many instructional days to the calendar.

The original 2012-13 calendar factored in three total makeup days, two in April during Passover and one the Friday before Memorial Day. The waiver will only cover a certain amount of lost days of instruction so make up days are still potentially being worked into calendar revisions.

"The district has already begun to review possible calendar changes to ensure compliance with New York State Education regulations," wrote Hankin. "Additional days will be identified if necessary."

In the original version of this story, it was reported that the district was closed for nine days. Patch regrets the error.

anonymous November 20, 2012 at 12:47 PM
Perhaps Syosset should follow the lead of Jericho and cancel some vacation days rather than begging for "a break." Perhaps that is why they beat us every year in the US News & World Report poll - because they teach their kids to work rather than trying to do the minimum. My child and my vacation will be affected by this - but it is the right thing to do. The next time you are asked to raise the budget for the good of the kids please remember this. Should have started already; when did Thanksgiving begin on Wed which is a day off? You learn from your teachers - what are kids are learning is do the minimum and when adversity hits beg for dispensation. Enough!!!!!!
Loren Darvis November 30, 2012 at 12:34 AM
I wonder, anonymous, do you have non-refundable airline tickets? Probably not. The day before Thanksgiving, as well as Veteran's Day, should have been made to be make-up instructional days, period end of sentence. How could this woman retract the February vacation (that never before has been taken away,) when families, teachers have already paid to go away? During this unprecedented time, perhaps a little understanding and compassion should be shown here. Other districts are allowing staff to provide documentation that they have paid airline tickets, etc. with the understanding they use their sick or personal days, and are dealing with making arrangements to cover staff that will be out. I guess losing a few thousand dollars to cancel a vacation is pocket change for someone collecting over a half-million dollars a year!!!
anonymous November 30, 2012 at 02:08 AM
You read me wrong. I wasn't specifically saying which vacations; just that the days should be made up. I am furious that the Wed and Friday around Thanksgiving weren't used (very few people truly go out of town. The days around Memorial day absolutely. The district claims that holding school on a Federal Holiday such as veterans day is illegal. Josh Lafazan was going to look into that, but as other states have done so this is probably another Hankin lie. The religious holidays obviously need to be let be (fortunately Easter and Passover are the same week this year.; Memorial day itself as it is far in the future would also be a legit target


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