Syosset Teacher Launches Education Issues Blog

Long Island educator Jeff Rozran creates EducationLI.com to provide accurate information to the public regarding teachers and the issues they face.

Tenure is not a lifetime guarantee of employment. It is earned. And it doesn't protect bad teachers from being fired.

Those are just a couple of beliefs Syosset educator and Commack resident Jeff Rozran hopes the public will learn with the launch of his blog EducationLI.com, a space designed to inform and challenge what Rozran says are misconceptions by the media and the public in regards to important topics teachers face. 

Rozran, an english teacher at , President of the Syosset Teachers' Association and a teacher on Long Island for more than 37 years, offers the blog as a resource for accurate information and discussion.

“The blog is the product of upset over a volume of misinformation of education in the media,” Rozran said. "Right now there are people taking sides and pointing fingers; things I think could be mitigated through understanding."

Tenure is the topic of the first three posts of the blog: “Tenure in New York," "Defining Tenure," and "Cathie Black and Tenure." 

Why spend so much time on one topic? Because it's by far the most misunderstood, according to Rozran. 

“The primary thing was people’s assertion that tenure is a lifetime guarantee of employment and that it’s not earned – that is incorrect and frankly, designed to attack,” Rozran said. 

Rozran said other assertions people make about tenure include the thinking that no one else in the workforce enjoys benefits similar to tenure and that it only protects bad teachers from being fired.

“Every single one of them is a lie,” Rozran said in the "Tenure in New York" post.

Rozran said he doesn’t remember the exact date he decided to start the blog, but he certainly remembers why he started it.

“I recognized something early in the school year during town hall meetings in the fall of 2010,” Rozran said. “I listened to what people were saying and the ignorance was so drastic.”

The blog appears to have started catching not only the attention of teachers across Long Island, but parents as well.

Ann Latner, mother of a junior at Schreiber High School in Port Washington, said she was happy with the blog and found the content not only accurate but informative. 

“It cleared up some confusing things that I'd read about teacher tenure, and explained the process to me,” Latner said. “As the mom of a high school kid, education is very important to me and my family and I want to know that the best people will be attracted to teaching careers because it is viewed as a good job."

Rozran is considered an expert in the education industry and wants to make it clear on the site that you know who is presenting this information to you - that is why he states his credentials in full on the front page. Anyone can comment on the posts, but you must reveal your credentials before doing so, to be fair. 

"In order to be truthful, I need to present you with this information - to be truthful in return, responders must reveal their relevant credentials," Rozran explains on the front page. "A form for the purpose is provided for all who wish to have responses posted on the blog."

Visit the website at http://www.educationli.com/.

Steve February 07, 2011 at 07:54 PM
Tenure might be misunderstood but the bigger problem is the salary and benefits of teachers and how they affect property taxes of long island residents. As an IT professional, I get 3 weeks vacation, work 10 hours a day, and on call 24 by 7. By contrast, teachers work 160 days a year and complain about all the extra time that they spend on lesson plans and grading student's assignments regardless of prep periods. Headlines were made when the Syosset Teachers gave up their 2.75% but required step raises of 2% in return. Wow - what a concession ! What do the teachers make? Minimum 57,000 Maximum 133,000? It's time to freeze all teacher's salaries and require givebacks in benefits. And since the enrollment has dropped, we can eliminate some teacher positions also. And how about that superintendent salary?
Harry Hudson February 07, 2011 at 10:19 PM
Tenure may not technically be a “lifetime guarantee” of employment, but in actual application, it seems to come very close. Similar examples of blind protections exist through out the employment spectrum in many areas where unions still dominate labor relations. What is troubling here is that these over-reaching work place protections tend to reduce innovation to almost non-existent levels. The tax payer simply can no longer afford the inefficiencies bred into public education by years of administrative waste, incompetence, and this system’s lack of any true accountability toward results. One look at the demise of the US auto industry that faced a similar environment of unrealistic and out dated labor contracts along with shortsighted and incompetent management and it is not too hard to see where public education is headed. It is true that teacher compensation has to be brought back into sync with today’s economic realities, but so do all public bureaucracies. School administration is no exception. Have there been any offer to freeze or roll back in administration compensation.? Unfortunately budget discussions tend to work in reverse the first budget cuts offered up are always things like full day kindergarten and after school student activities and not administrator’s benefits. It seems that this subtle form of blackmail is the best our school board can offer. One can only wonder what new arrogance awaits in the 2011-2012 budget.
Mario February 08, 2011 at 03:38 AM
Lets see what these 'great' teachers in the high taxed school districts can do in the poorer districts. Will their magical teaching skills still apply? Will the kids grades be the same as they are now? If they are so dedicated, they should volunteer to work in the districts with poor grades and show what they can do.
Jen Pellegrini February 08, 2011 at 12:47 PM
No thanks. Been there. Done that. It's a nightmare.


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