Feb. 6: The Super Bowl is Here

5 Things You Need to Know for Sunday.

Hello and welcome to "5 Things You Need to Know Today," the Sunday Super Bowl edition. 

While the Jets are not in the big game today, that doesn't mean you can't have a good time and enjoy the biggest sports event of the year.

Check out just a few options below for the game this Sunday. 

  1. For catering, the in Syosset has some good deals - Classic American, Imported Italian, Vegetarian or Buffalo Chicken Wing Hero’s start at $15.95 per foot, and $20.95 per foot for the "Supreme.” Check out their website for more information - http://www.thehealthyeatery.com/
  2. is another catering option. They offer pizza, of course, but also 3-inch hero's, mixed vegetables, garlic knots and an assortment of salads, in addition to other tasty appetizers. Call 516-364-6900 for more info. 
  3. should be packed for the game Sunday. 
  4. is another bar worth checking out.  
  5. If you're looking to save money and keep it simple, Domino's is always an option. Besides pizza, the buffalo hot wings,  chicken kickers and cheesy bread are all good options for the game. Call the closest domino's at 516-822-3333 to order, but expect them to be busy!


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