Realtor Devotes Time to Worthy Cause

Robin Feld: Realtor by Day, Philanthropist by Day and Night.

As Syosset resident Robin Feld walks in you know a power-house just entered the building. Her energy is like that of two 18-year olds combined and her drive and perseverance is evident the second you start conversing. 

When she is not selling homes through Charles Rutenberg Realty, she is devoting the rest of her time to an organization she helped found: Blanca's House.

There are some people who like to give during the holiday season then there are folks like Robin who give of themselves all year long.  These special individuals work passionately for a cause that doesn't get a lot of publicity and often no one has ever heard about it.

It all started with two friends sharing a dream.  When Robin met Galo Burbano, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, she knew her life would change forever, all for good.  Galo grew up in a poor town in Equador where his mother's love and selflessness uplifted their community and served as the inspiration and namesake for this charity.

Blanca's House is devoted to going on medical missions to help underprivileged people in developing countries, mostly in South America and Central America. 

"We go with a team of doctors, nurses, and assistants and perform hundreds of life saving surgeries all in a week's time," she said. "Five years later, nine missions completed, and 2,700 patients treated!"

The team is up at the crack of dawn and work non-stop until 11 p.m.  Tirelessly, the doctors and nurses perform all types of procedures: cleft palate, tumor removals, gall bladder, fibroid, and thyroid surgeries, just to name a few.  Finding out about Blanca's house by word-of-mouth, these volunteers come from all over the USA and pay about $1,200 out-of-pocket to be part of this miraculous journey (this includes their transportation, lodging and meals). 

In the meantime, Robin is shipping tons of medical supplies and equipment such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, and crutches, all donated.  When they arrive they set up wherever they can, oftentimes at a clinic or local hospital. 

"It looks like a MASH unit," she said. "You just never know what you what is going to happen until you get there.  Our mantra is MMF- Maintain Maximum Flexibility."

"I recently got back from El Salvador and this spring I will be going on my next overseas assignment," she said. "We are also gearing up for a future mission.  In 2012, Blanca's House is going to perform 20 hip replacement surgeries in Nicaragua". 

Their motto: every child counts, every family matters. So if you would like to volunteer your time or give to this worthwhile charity please go to www.blancashouse.com.  

Also, check out their Junior Volunteers program available to kids ages 14-18 who are interested in the medical field or helping others.  Each volunteer must be accompanied by an adult. 


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