Photos: Syosset Snowscapes

Things spotted around town on a stormy winter Wednesday.

Like most of the country, it has been a  snowy winter and an icy week for Syosset residents. 

One quarter of an inch of ice developed overnight Tuesday, stressing branches and utility lines throughout Syosset. Road crews from LIPA and the Town of Oyster Bay were busy at work around the clock.

Though the parks were quiet in the icy air, they were by no means devoid of activity. Jason, aka Dad, and Scott, aka Future Winter X-Games champion and young grade-schooler, prepare to make this ice an awesome ride in the , along with a local med student and jogger Farooch from Maine, who was enjoying the weather and park on his afternoon run.

The Syosset-Woodbury Park ballfield begs for spring time under winters icy blanket. With no shadow being reported by the local groundhog, many look forward to an early spring.

Parents and friends filled the viewing areas as kids of all ages braved the icy streets to hit the rinks at Syosset , a favorite wintertime recreational spot in Syosset.

As you will see in Syosset View Finder, whatever the weather or season, there is plenty out there and we aim to take a super Syosset Patch snapshot for your pleasure. We will be on the lookout for you each week and what makes Syosset special.


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