Question: Kosher Caterer Lawsuit

What do you think of the lawsuit against Morrell Caterers?


News broke last week of a lawsuit against Morrell Caterers, a popular kosher food service used by several area congregations including the nearby Woodbury Jewish Center. The caterers allegedly prepared kosher and non-kosher foods together despite promises to consumers and strict supervision.

The latest news, according to Five Towns Patch, involves management of Morrell Caterers allegedly pocketing about $10 million in tips over the past six years that were supposed to go to as many as 500 employees.

Patch is currently compiling reactions from neighborhood rabbis on this issue, but what do you think? If you have used Morrell Caterers, are you worried or do you trust them? Do you think the media has blown this out of proportion or is this a legitimate concern? Tell us in the comments.

aurora rosen February 19, 2012 at 01:32 AM
I have to totally agree...I am also horrified the way Mr. Morrell treated both his Kosher clients and his employees. He has yet to come up with a believable defense and more and more employees and people who knew the inner workings of his catering operation, have come forward exposing this greedy man. I hope the media keeps on top of this case and I personally would love to see him out of business and prosecuted for all his illegal dealings to the full extent of the law.
Jessica February 19, 2012 at 02:31 AM
Aurora, sounds like we agree on a lot here. What an awful thing for someone to do to his very own people and the staff who made his business a success. Morrell is a name or a brand, however did he create it? With greed comes consequences. Tom and Chef Mike made the last decade at Morrell a true success. A Morrell affair is known for its food and wonderful service. Food- Chef Mike and service all managed and run by Tom Cataldo something has to be said about that. Wherever Tom and Mike land, that's certainly a lucky place to be. I have been actively following the news and media, and its all so crystal clear to myself and all of Long Island, Morrell is no longer, not once you remove your 2 leading men.
Gemstone February 19, 2012 at 10:08 PM
And yet, Tom and Mike seemed to both know and look the other way at all of the "hanky panky" going on for what seems to be years. Both of them in fact are part owners of the company. I don't believe that their combined conciseness just came over them and they ONLY NOW decided to to the right thing. They have their own law suit against the company and chose to bring the whole thing down. They are as much to blame as anyone!!!!
Jane February 26, 2012 at 03:37 AM
Gemstone, It is my understanding that Tom Cataldo and Michael Savitsky owned 5% of the company, thus leaving Scott Morrell as the majority owner and their BOSS!! Lets not forget that both, Tom Cataldo and Mike Savitsky have families to support. Their actions have proved that they are nothing but courageous and trustworthy.
mich1 February 28, 2012 at 04:25 AM
Jane....courageous and trustworthy? Try disgusting and full of BS....I'm so sick of people like you that have already taken the stance that Mr Morrell is guilty. Try getting your story straight before you comment......here, let me make it super simple for you...an attorney that is seeking personal revenge because he screwed someone, 2 employees that were fired first --- then all this BS came out ---- can we spell e-x-t-o-r-t-i-o-n. Let the facts speak for themselves, as the truth will continue to come out. It's unfortunate that the media can lure people like yourself into believing all the BS!!! Pathetic...
Jane May 04, 2012 at 12:26 AM
I saw that my posting was deleted, so I took the liberty to add it again. Mich, You have every right to express your opinion but do not forget that publishing false statements is libelous, thus subjecting you to suit. Mich, you recommend people to look at the facts first, however, you fail to do so yourself and your way of connecting the dots will not lead you to the truth. Michael Savitsky and Tom Cataldo filed a suit claiming Scott Morrell ordered staff to prepare non-kosher and kosher meals in the same kitchen. It was thereafter that Scott Morrell fired Savitsky and Cataldo. That is a vital piece of information that you leave out of your posting. Let me remind you that Nassau District Attorney, Kathleen Rice has opened an investigation of Morrell Caterers for possible criminal activity. Bottom line, the truth will prevail through the records and assets that the courts have prohibited Scott Morrell from destroying.


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