Construction Headaches in Syosset [Poll]

Are orange cones and jackhammers ruining your commute?

The orange cones are up and the jackhammers are revving. Now that winter is definitely over and the ground has thawed, construction will begin around the neighborhood and the island.

and a spot or two on the newly refurbished Jackson Avenue are guarded by orange cones for future work.

What current construction spots in Syosset are interfering with your commute? Are there any spots you feel don't really need the work? Alternatively, are there roads in Syosset that are in dire need of repaving?

After last week's TOBAY meeting where , what are some other spots the town could improve?

Vote in the poll below and pinpoint your trouble spots in the comments!

Gabe May 07, 2012 at 02:26 PM
They just freshly paved Jackson Ave and they're already digging it up and ruining it...it never fails. Paving Convent Rd was a waste. There was no need to pave that stretch of road, there are plenty of others around town that need it much more. Take a drive up Teibrook Ave next to St. Edwards and all those side streets.


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