Syosset Then and Now Answer: The Original Scrapbooker

The man with The Terminator is revealed as the creator of Syosset Scrapbook.

once again gives us the correct answer to the latest Syosset Then and Now trivia question and identified Syossetite John Delin in this picture.

Joh Delin, the creator of A Syosset Scrapbook and writer of Syosset People and Places, is picured here shaking hands with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Delin, along with dearly departed friend Pamela Boslet Buskin, compiled most of the images on A Syosset Scrapbook. Listen to a KJOY radio interview with Delin to learn how A Syosset Scrapbook originated.

Congratulations, Nina and great guesses by everyone else!

Do you have a photo of old Syosset you would like to share? Email it to the editor at heather.doyle@patch.com with your name, photo caption, and location if applicable.


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