New Syosset BOE Looks Toward Future

New and returning board members end campaigns, begin working.

New and returning Syosset Board of Education members say they are looking forward to the post-election period. After the all are ready to finally get down to business.

"I was disappointed about the negativity surrounding the election process, but that's in the past now…the community expressed their opinion and we [the board] represent it," said reelected board member Alan Resnick.

Board member Michael Cohen agreed, saying, "We [the board] are nine volunteers working to do what we think is best for the community...and now we can recognize our differences and move forward while working together."

After the trying days preceding the election, including , board members breathed a collective sigh of relief once the election was over and are looking forward to moving into the next phase.

Newcomer Chris DiFilippo, who , said he is anticipating diving straight into work.

"I'm looking forward to seeing how things can be fine tuned and doing everything without cutting programs," said DiFilippo, who looks forward to viewing the budget in its entirety -- something he was not permitted to do despite many pleas for more transparency.

Superintendent Carole Hankin said in a statement Wednesday that the district "welcomes the two new Board of Education members and looks forward to working together to create an environment where our students can excel."

Newly elected members will not be instated until July, but that isn't a free pass to skip meetings, according to DiFilippo.

"An educated and informed resident is the best person to work with, so I'm advocating everyone to attend the next board meeting," he said.

DiFilippo and Lafazan will officially join the Syosset Board of Education July 1.


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